Bethany Fleishman
Massage Therapy

Relieve Pain

Reduce Stress

Increase Mobility

A nurturing and attentive healing space for body and spirit. 

Whether you wish to reduce stress, relieve pain or increase mobility, or hope to incorporate massage into your trauma healing process, I focus on providing a nurturing and attentive healing space for both body and spirit. 

Tip Top Building, Suite 230, 85 North Main St.
White River Junction, VT 05001

Frequently Asked Questions

I've never had a massage before. What can I expect?

Before the massage begins, I will step out of the room so you can get ready for your massage. Most people remove all of their clothes or leave on just their underwear, while others remain fully clothed. Please do whatever makes you most comfortable. You will then get onto the massage table under the top sheet. You will remain covered under the sheet throughout your massage for warmth and modesty, and I will only uncover the area I am working on. Your private areas will never be exposed. 

What kind of massage do you do?

I practice both relaxation (Swedish) and therapeutic massage and will use a combination or whichever method is best suited to your needs. 

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, check, credit cards, Venmo, and CashApp. You will be given the option to pay online by credit card when you book your appointment or you can pay at time of service. Save $5 per session with cash or check! 

Can I buy a gift certificate? 

Yes! Massages make great gifts. Please call or email me to buy gift certificates.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

Yes. Please email me so together we can figure out what you need. And if you have the resources you need (or more), please consider paying extra so I can offer a lower rate to someone who needs it. You can "pay it forward" at your appointment because my online payment system isn't set up to allow this. 

Here is a handy visual I borrowed that helps you figure out "where you are on the sliding scale." Look at the bottles and see which one most closely matches your situation.

What are your rates and am I supposed to tip?

I charge $95 for a 60-minute session, $110 for a 75-minute session, and $120 for a 90-minute session. 

Since I own my own business, I do not expect you to tip. However, if you want to tip, 50% 0f the tip "pays it forward" so I can offer lower rates to people who can't afford full price. Read more in the section on sliding scale. 

(If you visit my massage colleagues who work in a spa or for someone else, please tip them because they rely on tips as part of their wage!)

What do you mean by "incorporate massage into your trauma healing process?"

I'm not trained in and don't do any type of trauma therapy, but I would love to work with you if bodywork (like massage) is part of a trauma therapy process that you are doing with a therapist or other trained mental health professional! 

During my massage training, I interned with my now colleague, Tracy Penfield, a somatic trauma healer, who introduced me to the basics of providing trauma-informed massage. I continue to learn from Tracy and others as I develop my practice. 

If you have any questions before you make an appointment with me, I'm more than happy to talk over email or on the phone. 

I have allergies/sensitivities. Will I react to your massage oil or lotion?

Please let me know on your intake form if you have allergies so I can make sure you won’t react to any of the ingredients in the massage lotion or oil. I typically use unscented coconut and jojoba oil-based lotions but also have other products on hand if you have allergies to any of the ingredients in the lotion.

Is massage therapy safe for everyone?

Massage is not advised if you have certain medical conditions including:

Please contact me if you have questions!

Will my massage be covered by insurance?

No. Few insurance policies cover massage, and when they do, it's only in certain situations. I hope we as a society can change this for the future.